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Individual Lessons

We have a full staff of tumbling instructors that offer individual lessons to work on the skills of your choice.  Email info@dakotaspirit.com to set up an individual lesson.
Choose from:

Individual Lessons with Coach

30-minute lesson


60-minute lesson



Semi-Individual Lessons with Coach

*2 Athletes maximum per lesson

30-minute lesson


60-minute lesson



Individual Lessons with Tumbling Tutor

*Limited to 30 minutes and one athlete

30-minute lesson



Individual Lessons Waiver

Available Times for a Private Lesson

private lessons

Choreography and Clinics

  • High School Choreography
  • High School Skills Camps
  • Sideline Prep

High School Choreography

Dakota Spirit offers a unique camp experience for our clients! Not only will we give you a routine that will be unique and creative, but we teach the necessary technique to execute safe and well scoring stunts and tumbling.

High School Skills Camps

Is your team interested in learning new skills or perfecting their current skills? We offer the below camps for high schools within the region:

  • Choreography Clean-Up
  • Private Tumbling/Stunting Classes
  • Customized Private Camps

Sideline Preparation

Trying out for your high school or college sideline team? Sideline cheerleading is completely different from competition cheerleading and we’ll prepare you for your upcoming tryouts! Dakota Spirit alumni can be found on the sidelines of many colleges around the nation!

At Dakota Spirit, we’ll prepare you for tryouts by focusing on the following areas:

  • Spiriting and Effective Crowd Leading
  • Sideline Presence
  • Engaging with Fans
  • Appropriate Use of Stunts, Jumps, and Tumbling
  • Sideline/Collegiate Appearance