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Here are a couple important updates for our upcoming week as we prepare for the 16th Annual Valentine’s Classic!   

PRESALES for VC TICKETS:  Please make an attempt to purchase your VC tickets any night this week in the gym lobby, 5:00-7:30 or in the office, 3:00-5:00, M-Th.  Presales help to reduce our Arena costs!   Ticket price: $12 per spectator, 5 & under free. 

TEAM WORKSHOP:  We are excited to announce that Chad Lemon, Cheer Specialist & Choreographer from Atlanta, Georgia will work with each of our teams during your Team practice this week or next. He will be in Sioux Falls judging for the Valentine’s Classic and is able to work his schedule to spend a few days with our athletes!  This special opportunity is being provided from our Showdown Funds. As you know we met our goal of $15,000 and in addition to scholarships, these funds provide our athletes with some unique opportunities and equipment.  Be sure your child is at practice to take advantage of this special workshop!  

VC Schedule is now confirmed:  Your coach will email you with your meeting time for Sunday!  

DS hosts the VC!  Saturday are solos, ensembles and Dance Teams plus cheer individuals. Sunday are Cheer teams. WE still need volunteers and all volunteers receive a free wristband.  Just a reminder, that our teams are exhibition since we are the hosts of the event. DS teams get judged and evaluated.  

Be cautious in the Parking lot during these dark winter months! Watch for slippery spots, small children and moving cars!  We want everyone safe! Please come into the gym to get your young children.